1. Ticket service

TICKET COUPON ticket service

TOHO CINEMAS HIBIYA movie ticket service

Movie ticket service that is advantageous in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

When customer of the use has you show movie ticket on the day at store targeted for privilege, "TOHO CINEMAS HIBIYA" is caught advantageous service.

It is only for that movie ticket on the day of "TOHO CINEMAS HIBIYA" was shown in customers performed meal or purchase of.
  • ・It is screening daily allowance day of cinema ticket mention, each shop one-off per person that service is received, but the use at plural stores is possible.
  • ・At store which was used, we may mark movie ticket.
  • ・Only the person that movie ticket was shown in made one had a meal, purchase is for service.
  • ※It is for ticket of screen 12.13 turn in "TOHO CINEMAS HIBIYA" Tokyo Takarazuka Building, too.
  • ※ With other services cannot use together.
  • ※ When the presentation of cinema ticket and proposal are late, privilege may not be applied. Please refer at the time of entering a shop beforehand.
  • ※ Please show one of meal at the time of order.
  • ※ Privilege becomes the end as soon as we disappear.
  • ※ Please refer for detailed service contents at each store.

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