1. To customer of pet companion

To customer of pet companion For Customers with Pets

Pet companion rule


Only for Hibiya step open space 1F, companion that we connect to lead or carry is possible.
(as for carrier bag and the pet cart, possible)

  • ・Of lead bind, and please refrain from leaving of pet by reckoning.
  • ・Please handle excrement in the responsibility of pet owner.
  • ・I would like traffic after consideration to customer who does not accompany pet.
  • ・About accident and trouble due to pet, our facility does not take responsibility.

About the hall (we include in store and terrace) of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya and parking lot
We have you refrain from companion of pet.

It would appreciate your being stocked after taking down parking lot on the use at 1F carriage porch.

※As guide dog, service dog, deaf person's dog are out of the limit mentioned above, you can be accompanied by the facility.