List of facility services


In the Information Center, we attend all sorts of inquiries, such as strollers and wheelchairs rental, lost and found items. Please do not hesitate to stop by.

Hours 11 AM – 9 PM
Location 1st Floor Atrium


Smoking area is located at the 3rd floor.

Location 3rd Floor
[About electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and other devices]
Electronic cigarettes and other products and similar products are usable only inside the smoking area since they may disturb other users.

Midtown Free Wi-Fi

Midtown Free Wi-Fi is available.

Service area TERRACE common area

Automated external defibrillators (AED)

AED are located in various areas of the building to treat cases of life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias and similar emergencies.


1st Floor Information Center

Parking lot


Parking lot establishes plane-type parking lot and mechanical parking lot located at the second floor, the third floor under the ground.
※At the time of facilities check time or blackout may not use mechanical parking lot.

Use time

It is from 6:00 to 26:00 every day

Parking lot (access)

Bicycle parking lot

Hibiya Step Square Region Bicycle Parking Space Membership bicycle parking lot

Bicycle parking lot (access)

Tax-free Counter

Customers can receive the refund of the consumption tax for their purchases at the shop within the facility.

Tax-free shopping procedures can be completed at each shop or at the Tax-free Counter.

List of Tax-free shops

Information about Tax-free Counter

Hours 11 AM – 9 PM
Location 3rd Floor

This TAX-FREE GUIDE pamphlet will guide you about how to apply for tax exemption in four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean).


Inquiry TEL: 03-3500-3538
  • Tax exemption can be requested for items purchased on the same day only.
  • Tax exemption procedures cannot be applied for purchases made at shops not listed in the tax-free shop list.

Delivery Service

We have delivery service of the goods purchased by customers through TA-Q-BIN (Express home delivery by Kuroneko Yamato Company).

Hours 11 AM -9 PM (Same-Day Delivery service until 4 PM)
Location 3rd Floor
Price Prices are determined by the TA-Q-BIN rate table and variate according to size and weight.
Inquiry TEL: 03-3500-3538
Undeliverable Items
  • Items cannot be delivered on the same day to hotels or airports.
  • Items cannot be delivered on the same day.
  • Undeliverable articles include items whose total size exceeds 160cm (length x width x height), items whose weight exceeds 25 kg, among others.

Hand-Luggage Storage

We have the service to keep the customer's baggage for one day paying a fee.

Hours 11 AM – 9 PM (Reception until 8 PM)

3rd Floor

Cash and other valuable items cannot be stored.

Price 800 yen for each piece of baggage (tax included)
Inquiry TEL: 03-3500-3538
  • Baggage storage is available on the same day.
  • Items that cannot be stored includes cash, valuable articles, animals, plants, fish, shellfish, perishables, stinky items, items exceeding 250cm and 30 kg, and illegal items.

Dressing lounge

The lounge for women has some space for make-up and fitting.
We are offering a chic colored comfortable room.

Location 3rd Floor