1. We must see it for walk! What kind of town is Hibiya?

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We must see it for walk! What kind of town is Hibiya?

We must see it for walk! What kind of town is Hibiya? Entertainment

Of Hibiya that is not known unexpectedly, "huh, introduce ..."!

Empire Theater
We are opened as first Japanese Western expression drama theater on March 1, 1911. Art museum is on the top floor, too and can enjoy art together. Building of current compound building form is completed on September 29, 1966.
Tokyo Takarazuka Theater
We are born as stronghold of Tokyo of Takarazuka all-women's opera on January 1, 1934. We were reborn newly on January 1, 2001. It is over 100 years from the opera company foundation and is full of many fans.
Nissei Theater
On October 20, 1963, Nippon Life Insurance Co. had theater in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the foundation. Wall in theater, curved surface and MOSAIQUE of ceiling must see it.
Hibiya outdoor concert stage
Small concert hall is the Japanese oldest outdoor concert stage made in 1905. All the special events of small concert hall are free of charge. Large concert hall was completed in 1923.
Hibiya public hall
Multipurpose hall in Hibiya Park opened in 1929. It was built as symbol of Great Kanto Earthquake revival. For deterioration, we are closed for repair from 2016.
Theater CLIE
The first floor and basement 1.2 floor part of 18-story "TOHO theater CLIE building" which received closing of art seat, and opened in 2007. The second floor under the ground is connected to "Hibiya chanter".
TOHO cinemas Scala Theater of Milan, Miyuki-za
"Miyuki-za" opens in "Hibiya Scala Theater of Milan" 1957 in 1955. It becomes "TOHO cinemas Scala Theater of Milan, Miyuki-za" in 2009. Repair begins in February, 2018, and we are unified on March 29, 2018 by "TOHO CINEMAS HIBIYA".
TOHO cinemas chanter
We practice medicine as "chanter Sine" in ruins of Hibiya film theater in 1987. From February, 2009 for the existing name. Mini theaters a few in TOHO cinemas.