1. Access

ACCESS access

Car, motorcycle, person who comes by bicycle

Doorway of parking lot

Neighborhood route map

Notice of parking lot

Parking lot establishes plane-type parking lot and mechanical parking lot located at the third floor under the ground. ※1
Plane-type parking lot is overall height 2.1m, overall width 2.5m, 5.3m in total length.
Mechanical parking lot is overall height 2.05m, overall width 1.9m, 5.3m in total length. It becomes to up to 2,300 kg in weight. ※2

※At the time of facilities check time or blackout may not use 1 mechanical parking lot.
※We may not enter depending on car model in 2 size mentioned above either.

Business hours, rate

Number About 200
Business hours 6:00-26:00
Fee structure

Car 300 yen/30 minutes

Motorcycle 200 yen/one hour

Parking rate service

Total purchase amount of money Service
Each service
Combination is possible
Discount service by purchase
(in the case of the use of general store)
※Plural store adding up is possible which remove TOHO CINEMAS HIBIYA.
3,000 yen (tax-included) or more One hour free of charge
6,000 yen (tax-included) or more Two hours free of charge
20,000 yen (tax-included) or more Four hours free of charge
Parking rate service
※On the day adding up is possible for the use in TOHO CINEMAS HIBIYA.
4,000 yen (tax-included) or more Two hours free of charge
Mitsui Shopping Park card
<< Saison >> Member service
Reward card with credit function Mitsui Shopping Park card << Saison >> member
Regardless of purchase amount of money
We become free of charge for one hour.

Person who comes by bicycle

Pay-by-the-hour bicycle parking lot is on Hibiya step open space the first floor of the basement.

Hibiya step open space area bicycle parking lot business hours, rate

Business hours 6:00-25:00
Fee structure We are free of charge until two hours.
After that it is 100 yen until ten hours including free time. It is the 100 yen addition afterward every five hours.